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Ongoing Knowledge: HydraCalm Milk and Lotion

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Our new Duo is the HydraCalm Cleansing Milk and HydraCalm Toning Lotion, so we wanted to fill you in on these two fabulous products.

HYDRACALM CLEANSING MILK gently cleans the skin, dislodging impurities and removing all traces of makeup. It protects skin cells against pollutants while soothing and maintaining the skin’s natural hydration.

HYDRACALM TONING LOTION hydrates and energizes the skin. Its very gentle formula soothes even the most sensitive skin. Lightly scented and alcohol-free, it respects the skin’s ecology.


  • Effective duo against impurities, chlorine, limestone and pollutants.
  • High tolerance formulas.
  • Ensure the balanced skin pH.
  • Optimization of serums and creams effectiveness.
  • Excellent after-shave lotion for men.


Morning and night, apply a small quantity of HYDRACALM CLEANSING MILK to a wet sponge or cotton pad. Apply to the face and neck with a circular motion. Repeat if necessary. Then rinse skin with warm water and apply HYDRACALM TONING LOTION to the face and neck with cotton pads. Do not rinse. The HYDRACALM CLEANSING MILK can also be applied with the fingers. This technique is recommended for dehydrated skin.


The unique formulas of HYDRACALM CLEANSING MILK and TONING LOTION, with calming and moisturizing ingredients like Tasmanian pepper and Fucogel 1000®, leave your skin feeling fresh and comfortable.

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Chemical Peels

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24 Hour Duos Promotion

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24 Hour Duos

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Winter Dehydration

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If you’ve ever wondered why your skin gets dryer in the winter months, keep reading to find out and learn how our current promotion, the HydraScience AHD3 kit can help!

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October Is Customer Appreciation Month

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March Recap ?❤️

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Hello Bellas!

This month I had the pleasure of celebrating Women’s International Day which is something that is very near and dear to my heart so much so that we decided at Bella that we were going to celebrate all month long. Did you get a chance to checkout our Facebook page to see our famous women quotes? Which one was your favourite? Send us a message and let us know!

We started the month off with our fabulous draw (make sure to check out our Facebook page for our daily updates!) of the Celeste serum and our very own Céleste Lévis’s CD. The City of Timmins is so proud of the things that Céleste has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. She is our own shining star. Congrats to Manda Lavigne who won the contest!

Inspiring women has always been a passion of mine. I think that women need to help each other achieve their goals in order for us to succeed together. Sharing each other’s stories along with the ups and downs that got us to where we are is how others will start believing in themselves and take their entrepreneurial spirit into full swing.

I live by the motto:

“Dream. Vision. Set Goal

Make it happen

No barriers”

If you don’t believe in what you do then no one else will. Believe in yourself and things will happen for you.

I had the honour last year of speaking at the “I Am” conference that was held at Thériault high school. The conference consisted of different speakers from different field talking about their success and how they got to where they are today. Being able to organize this event that has always bee

n a dream of mine and to speak about my journey and my business was amazing to me. I always believe I could achieve what I set my mind to and it was very important for me to share that with other women.


Speaking at this conference has encouraged me to pursue different avenues in my career and expand my horizons. I have had the honour of mentoring and assisting my daughter to pursue her dreams and passions while being by her side every day. I am very eager for her to come back from maternity leave to see what else we can accomplish together.

I am thrilled to announce that we will be doing an Women Empowering Women’s series and I will be showcasing wonderful women from the community who have established themselves in the city as business women, parents and community leaders. Make sure to watch our fist episode with Celeste Levis, and watch out for our second one coming out this May with special guest Karine Briand.

Make sure to stat tuned into our Facebook and Emails this April, we have lots of fun stuff coming up. Including the Home Show and Sportsman Show here in Timmins. I have brought in lots of new products from different companies that are just fabulous and I cannot wait for you to see.

Have a good day Bellas!

February Recap! ❤️⭐️

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Hello Bellas,

This last month has been a month filled with family time here at Bella Esthetics. We celebrated some big birthday milestones, valentine’s day and family day weekend. I hope you were all able to spend some time with your families and loved ones this month. Let me share our month with you!

We celebrated my Mom’s birthday, the big 8-0 this year! We spent some time together celebrating her life surrounded by family. My sister Danielle, who is currently in Florida, came up to surprise my mom at her party. The look on my mom’s face was priceless; she was smiling ear to ear. She was extremely excited to see us all together in her honour.

Her birthday was not the only big one year, my dad also turned 80!!!! We all got together to throw my dad a surprise party, and was he ever surprised! My dad’s birthday was February 17th and he was lucky enough to head down to Florida and avoid this cold weather we’ve been getting. Have fun in Florida Dad!!!!

Mom loved my sister Diane’s surprise arrival to her party! Definitely one to remember!!

My dad loved his surprise party that we all put on for him! He was definitely loving some time with Camille as well!

Family birthdays were not the only ones being celebrated this month, a few friends, clients, and my nephew also got to party and celebrate themselves on their special day. The whole month of February exploded with birthday love for all those celebrating.

Just for you Bella’s we had a great draw for a free manicure this month! (did you see our Facebook contest? Make sure to check out our page… we have a few more surprises up our sleeve this year). We wanted to thank all of you for the love and support through the contest! We loved reading your comments. Congratulations again to Jane Deyne who was the winner of the FREE manicure!

Our month got even busier with the long weekend for family day. It was a time for us to regroup and spend some time in nature. I took a long walk with Lia, the two dogs and of course my beautiful granddaughter Camille. We finished off the weekend with a nice bonfire to warm us up and had a blast sharing the kitchen with everyone for our meals. My favourite part of the weekend (other than family time of course) was the muffins we made. SOOOO delicious!!! They were Carrot & Apple muffins… I’ll give you the recipe below and you can tell me how they turned out on our Facebook page.

Enjoyed a nice Family Day walk with Lia, Camille, and the dogs! Such a lovely day!

Enjoying a lovely bonfire with family and friends!

Thanks for checking in Bella’s and I look forward to hearing what you have done for your family day weekend!

SNEAK PEAK! … We believe that empowering women is very important so we have decided that we will be celebrating Women’s Internal MONTH… that is right celebrating all the wonderful women out there the WHOLE MONTH!

My great friend Celeste Lévis is our special inspiring women for the month of March. For those of you who don’t know her Celeste is a great singer from Timmins. She has our rising star and we are very proud of everything she has accomplished. We will be having a draw for a bottle of Celeste product as well as her CD make sure to checkout our Facebook page for more information on how to enter.

Wishing all my Bella’s the best. See you later! ❤️