Ongoing Knowledge: HydraCalm Milk and Lotion

Our new Duo is the HydraCalm Cleansing Milk and HydraCalm Toning Lotion, so we wanted to fill you in on these two fabulous products.

HYDRACALM CLEANSING MILK gently cleans the skin, dislodging impurities and removing all traces of makeup. It protects skin cells against pollutants while soothing and maintaining the skin’s natural hydration.

HYDRACALM TONING LOTION hydrates and energizes the skin. Its very gentle formula soothes even the most sensitive skin. Lightly scented and alcohol-free, it respects the skin’s ecology.


  • Effective duo against impurities, chlorine, limestone and pollutants.
  • High tolerance formulas.
  • Ensure the balanced skin pH.
  • Optimization of serums and creams effectiveness.
  • Excellent after-shave lotion for men.


Morning and night, apply a small quantity of HYDRACALM CLEANSING MILK to a wet sponge or cotton pad. Apply to the face and neck with a circular motion. Repeat if necessary. Then rinse skin with warm water and apply HYDRACALM TONING LOTION to the face and neck with cotton pads. Do not rinse. The HYDRACALM CLEANSING MILK can also be applied with the fingers. This technique is recommended for dehydrated skin.


The unique formulas of HYDRACALM CLEANSING MILK and TONING LOTION, with calming and moisturizing ingredients like Tasmanian pepper and Fucogel 1000®, leave your skin feeling fresh and comfortable.

Purchase both essential products today and save with our duo!

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