néolia Body Butter – Olive Oil


Made with Organic Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil + Organic Coconut Oil + Shea Butter
Hands – Feet – Body

24 hours moisturizing Body Butter. Dry skin relieves. Stronger-Looking skin. Protects skin against harsh elements.
240 mL (8 fl.oz.)


iconeHypoAllergie Gentle and Hypoallergenic

iconeNonAnimal No Animal Ingredients

iconeNonParaben Paraben-free

iconeRecyclable Recyclable

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Olive oil

Naturally rich in fatty acids and full of vitamins A and E, this oil has moisturizing , nourishing, softening, antioxidant, regenerating and protective virtues and is the core of Néolia® products. It confers to skin and hair a youthful glow and a remarkable suppleness.

Coconut oil

Rich in essentials fatty acids, in lauric acid and in myristic acid, the coconut oi has nourishing and healing properties. it helps the skin to significantly fight against dehydration. Moisturizing, nourishing, anti-ageing, softening, healing; we attribute it many virtues. it offers the skin a genuine comforting feel and gives it a smooth, moisturized and revitalized appearance.

Shea butter

With such a fat content in its composition, shea butter offers a natural protection to skin. Moreover, its content in vitamin A contributes to healing and disinfection, thus allowing skin to fight against certain skin affections.

Its regenerating and nourishing virtues are impressive, which make shea butter very popular in cosmetics. Its linoleic acid and its vitamin F contribute to the suppleness of skin and hair.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Active Ingredient

Olive Oil
From the beginning of time, olive trees have been respected and have been part of rituals and traditions. At the same time this sacred tree is venerated, the benefits of its precious oil are discovered. Olive oil is used not only in cooking but for its medicinal and cosmetic virtues. It has been the green gold of gods, kings and queens, before becoming an essential part of the daily diet of most Mediterranean people. Only extra virgin olive oil is worthy of our interest. Its acidity (cannot be over 0.8%), its peroxide and oleic acid levels are highly controlled. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained only by mechanical processes. This pure fruit juice has not suffered any chemical treatments. This first press is called cold-pressed. It provides the best oil while consuming less water and energy.

Coconut Oil
The coconut is the fruit of the coconut tree (cocos nucifera), belonging to the palm or Arecaceae family. In the world of cosmetics, we use the copra, which is the dried kernel of the coconut. It's been used for ccenturies to nourish hair and skin in the exotic regions that grow this precious nut. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins A & E. It also contains phenolic acid, which infuses the skin with its antioxydant and anti-inflammatory properties to leave it smoothed and repaired. thanks to it nourishing and healing properties, the coconut oil has become the stard of many cosmetic formulas to help fight against dehydration.

Shea Butter
Shea grows in the African savannah. Noble and robust-looking, this stocky tree is venerated by the local populations that attribute mystical and protective qualities to it. In the core of its fruit is an almond which contains up to 48% fat content.
4 kilos of almonds have to be pressed to obtain 1 kilo of shea butter. it is mainly know for its cosmetic properties as a skin moisturizer and softener. For these remarkable properties, it is used nowadays in the composition of numerous cosmetics.




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