néolia Hydra-Screen Body Wash – Apricot Oil + Blueberries & Honey


Made with Organic Apricot Oil + Blueberries & Honey
Omega 9 + Vitamins A & C
For dry skin

A rich and unctuous lather for soft and deeply hydrated skin
500 mL (16.9 fl.oz.)

iconeBiodegradable Biodegradable

iconeHypoAllergie Gentle & Hypoallergenic

iconeNonParaben Paraben-free

iconeNonTeste Not tested on animals

iconeRecyclable Recyclable

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Apricot Oil

Naturally rich in vitamins A and E and essential fatty acids such as Omega 9, this oil with hydrating, nourishing, emollient, softening, regenerating and protective virtues is in the core of products.  It revitalizes skin and protects hair thanks to deep hydration for dry skin and a natural antioxidant action.


Among about twenty fruits, the blueberry comes first for its total antioxidant capacity thanks to flavonoids.  Ideal for dry or devitalized skin, it is often used in cosmetology, as it relieves and regenerates the epidermis while refreshing and brightening the complexion.  It is also a privileged ingredient for irritated skin as it acts as a calming and regenerating agent.  Applied on  scalp, it is a tonic, protective and vivifying care for hair.


Honey is described as a product from the hive with a thousand virtues : hydrating, antioxidant, softening, antiseptic, healing, nourishing, etc.   It will satisfy dry and dehydrated skin, as its high sugar content makes it able to keep water in the epidermis.  This is what is called a humectant property.  Thus, due to its capacity to retain water, it deeply hydrates, which has the effect of making skin smooth, soft and nourished.  Rich in mineral substances, in vitamins and in amino acids, honey softens, tones and nourishes skin.  Dull and devitalized skin will recover hydration, suppleness, softness and brightness.  Thanks to honey, you get natural beauty and a nourishing action for your skin and hair.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Active Ingredient

Apricot Oil
From the Rosaceae family, the spring flowering of the apricot tree has earned it its arabic name albarquq which means precocious. Originally from India, its oil is extracted by cold pressing to preserve its multiple benefits. Softening, hydrating and revitalizing, the oil extracted from apricot cores is full of oleic acid (from the omega 9 family) and vitamins A and E. Its multiple virtues give a real protection to skin and allow hair to strengthen its hydrolipidic film.

Originally from Eurasia and North America , blueberries belong to the Ericaceae family. Their latin name Vaccinium gave way to the term ‘ bleuet’ (blueberry) in 1380 derived from the noun ‘bleu’ (blue). In medical research, this little fruit will always surprise for its diverse beneficial properties on the human body, even aiming at reducing some affections such as cancer, heart diseases or diabetes.
Wild grown or cultivated, fresh, frozen or as juice, this beautiful fruit is even nowadays a star for researchers, as it is the champion of antioxidants thanks to flavonoids. Particularly rich in vitamin C, its consumption would prevent many diseases and its daily use in cosmetic products protects body against free radicals responsible for skin aging .

Genuine nature’s product, the origins of honey would date back to 4500 years ago in Egypt. Besides its consumption as food, it has been used since Antiquity to embellish skin and cure wounds. Made of water, glucids, minerals, vitamins and enzimes, honey has long been used on the body as an antiseptic agent for some infections . During the First and the Second World War, it was even used to accelerate the healing of soldiers’ wounds. Nowadays, scientists are still trying to understand what is behind this nectar, a much-sought ingredient which is increasingly used. However, it is known for relieving pain, dispelling redness and helping to heal.




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