A Very Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Hello again, Bellas! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and was able to spend some time with their closest friends and family! We are so blessed to enter into a new season of change by marking it with a special family holiday where we reflect upon all of the things that we have to be thankful for.

This year, we took the opportunity to give back to some of the less fortunate members within our community and I want to start by saying that NONE of this would have been possible without the support and generosity of my Bellas. Thanks to your help, we were able to provide a bounty of food and groceries to two terrific families in need as well as the Timmins & Area Women in Crisis! TAWC is an organization that I have been working alongside for some time now and I can’t thank you all enough for your exceptional acts of kindness! I am so proud of all of my clients for contributing to this endeavour and you will forever have my gratitude!

Have a look at these pics of my daughter, Lia, and I as we get set to make our way through our list of deliveries!


The vehicle all loaded up and ready to go!

Look at all that food! Great job, Bellas! ?


Lia and I couldn’t have found a better way to spend our Thanksgiving weekend!

We wanted to enter the season on a positive note and we truly thank you for your assistance in helping us to accomplish our goal! To maintain the positivity, we’d like to bring your attention back to our amazing and user-friendly website consultation tools! They’re free, easy to use, and will help you to match the best products available for tackling your problem areas! As we prepare for the Autumn and the accompanying dipping temperatures, it is important to remember that our skin will require extra nourishment and hydration in order to combat and protect against the harshening elements.

For those of you who are unaware, the goal of the Bella Esthetics & Spa site isn’t to simply generate a large volume of cold sales, we are most interested in supplying you with the products and regimens that best compliment your own personal lifestyle. In order to accomplish this, we’ve made three complimentary tools available to our website visitors that provide an immense amount of value – each of them coming free of charge!

See my video below for a more detailed explanation!

The first option is to use our online consultation form. Once you fill out all of the appropriate fields and attach a headshot of yourself (sans-makeup), I (Lynne) will follow up with you directly to discuss the products that best match your skin type. This is a one-on-one online consultation and all information is kept secure and confidential and will only be seen by me.

For the more experienced client, the option to consult with the Dr. Renaud Product Table is always available. Please be aware of the tabs across the top as the table defaults to its general skin care section.

Finally, and perhaps the most fun to use, is the option to use our interactive face tool. This face functions through a simple point and click where the user clicks upon their problem area, enters some information pertaining to their skin type, and the appropriate product is served up immediately. We worked hard to get this tool up and running and would love to hear some feedback on it from our users. Have you tried it? Did it provide you with an enjoyable experience? Is there anything you feel we can do to increase its effectiveness? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Another big component of the Bella philosophy is to strive to consistently educate our audience so that they can lead altogether better lives! We want to share important information that bolsters the confidence of our Bellas and has them feeling more in control of their physical and mental well-being!

A recent internet debate propped up as to whether or not its necessary to clean your legs in the shower…yes, we couldn’t believe it ourselves! Ha ha! However, we aren’t laughing in order to shame people, it is just always surprising to discover how different people are from one another when it comes to their hygiene and care routines. Put simply, it comes down to a matter of proper education and information sharing.

It may surprise you to learn how many adults fail to clean in and behind their ears when cleaning their face! Did you know that it’s better (and safer) to clean the inside of your ears with a washcloth rather than a Q-tip? I have always felt that putting a little added care into your daily face cleansing regimen can keep your skin looking healthier and younger with just a few extra minutes!

Please take a look at the tutorial I put together in relation to the proper cleansing of your skin!

As I’ve already mentioned, Thanksgiving marks our entrance into a new season and doubles as the last major holiday prior to Christmas! So, as it can be a very tumultuous time, we want to do our best to ensure our Bellas are making a healthy and graceful transition!

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for family, great friends, and my amazing Bellas, all of whom provide me with more motivation and inspiration than you could ever hope to realize! All of you provide the fuel I need to keep my engine going and every comment, like, or piece of feedback I receive from you means the world to me.

I sincerely look forward to continuing to build upon our already beautiful relationship and hope you enjoy a fantastic week as we navigate through this fabulous October weather!




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